WPC Privacy Shield and Noise Protection Fence

The increasing background noise in everyday life is leading to a growing need for peace and quiet in many areas. This noise protection system provides an effective remedy for noise reduction and thus immediate help to improve the quality of life. The special selection of materials – hot-dip galvanised steel and high-quality WPC profiles – in a coordinated system construction achieves a high degree of efficiency and noise can be attenuated by up to 26 dB.
In addition to the high quality of the materials, the flexibility and the wide range of design options are outstanding characteristics of the sound insulation system. The sound insulation fence combines cutting-edge technology with design: Thanks to numerous possible combinations, large and small noise protection measures can be implemented economically and highly effectively. Individually adapted to the landscape and architectural environment, this sound insulation system transforms your favourite places into true oases of peace!

Tested Sound Insulation

  • Tested noise insulation by 26 dB according to DIN EN-1793-2
  • Tested noise insulation by 29 dB according to ISO 10140-2 (according to test report PB 4.2/11-339-1 of MFPA Leipzig dated 20.05.2016)


Noise Examples

30 decibel Whispering
50 decibels Refrigerator
60 decibels Normal conversation
70 decibels Normal traffic noise
85 decibels Limit level for noise in the workplace
90 decibels Lorry
100 decibels Pneumatic hammer
110 decibel Power saw
120 decibels Pain threshold, powerful thunder
130 decibel Jumbo-Jet starting nearby
150 decibels Immediate, irreparable damage to hearing

Technical Data of
ThomTek® Sound Insulation Fence

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