Our guarantor of success for over 20 years: innovative product development, high-quality design, continuous quality control and stress tests.

The Company
‘Formed nature’…that is the motto of NATURinFORM’s WPC production in Franconian Redwitz a. d. Rodach. Here we develop and produce barefoot friendly, splinterfree, and extremely durable floor decks for patios, swimming pools, and other outdoor areas. What is special about our products ‘made in Germany’ is the combination of ca. 70 % domestic, PEFC-certified wood with an environmentally friendly polymer. This means they are splinterfree, extremely durable – and, of course, recyclable. Our decks are amongst the safest patio floorings available: They are not only extremely slip-resistant, but also very easy to mount, and extraordinarily low on maintenance, as there is no need to paint them. All our decks have an even, beautiful, wooden look. Our profile systems are mainly used outdoors as patio decks, jetties, and playground surrounds, but also as privacy shields. We also offer any necessary accessories for your outdoor living room.

Our goal is to show how the natural construction material wood in WPC can be used by environmentally concerned customers. Not only do we have long-term production experience, which is highly appreciated in the market, but are also renowned for our expert advice and excellent service.


The mixture is what is special!

In the production of our high-quality WPC products, we rely on quality and many years of experience. We use wooden fibres made of 100% PEFC-certified wood from sustainable forestry for our wood composite material. In order to improve the material properties, such as the weather resistance and scratch resistance, as well as the pliancy of the material, we supplement the wooden fibres with a unique, environmentally friendly and thermoplastic polymer. This is subject to strict controls by the food industry.

Nature Brought Into Shape

The high-density polymer and the wooden fibres are gently kneaded under temperature and pressure to a homogeneous mass and pressed into an endless strand. The wooden fibres are deprived of the contained liquid and protected by the polymer from penetrating moisture. In this step, the colouring of the material also takes place with one of the 25 inspiring and long-lasting colors from the NATURinFORM colour range. To make your WPC continuous strand your custom deck, the mass is pressed through a shaping tool that gives the decks their thickness and width, as well as their profile and their individual look.

Short Distances – Long Effect

After the cooling phase, the surface is treated by brushing and/or embossing. This is followed by the cutting – individually tailored to you and your project. When everything is prepared, we pack the finished decks in reusable packaging, focusing on the reuse of tapes and pallets. Shipping is strategically planned to maximise truck utilisation. Delivery to our customers is optimally planned, so that there are no unnecessary trips.