Straight, durable, efficient
New base profile 2.0

Specially designed according to our customers‘ requests, we developed our base profile WPC 2.0. It can be processed more efficiently thanks to its optimized geometry – and its manual reinforcement makes it possible to balance out intermittent stress – not only when using WPC decks, but also with wood.


New geometry
new load-bearing capacity

An original span width of 60 cm can be increased to 100 cm by inserting our new profile reinforcement made of aluminium – thus saving on the amount of support points, for example patio feet, and thereby costs.

in every way

The new profile can be attached using hidden brackets, and in addition – in combination with the profile reinforcement – you can also now mount wooden patio decks, including constructive wood protection, thanks to small support points.

In no time
adapted to any situation

Surfaces that are only subjected to intermittent stress in certain places, can easily and quickly be reinforced using aluminium. This means that the fitter can immediately react to any stress situation on site.


new idea!

1.  Side with support surface

In combination with the profile reinforcement, laying patio decks made of wood is also possible, including constructive wood protection.

2.  Side with a helix

The new deeper helix and reinforced wall in the profile makes even more efficient mounting of WPC patio decks using brackets possible.

3.  Profile reinforcement

The new profile reinforcement made of aluminium increases the span from 60 cm to 100 cm and can be used as a profile connector, or for cross bracing.

4.  Screw channel

Channels incorporated within the profile reinforcement make it possible to attach covers or end profiles properly on the top.

AND in Addition…

to know!

Safe planning

Regarding the unclear development of the aluminium prices on the market we can offer you a safe planning option with our combi-solution: Seize the opportunity to use material individually and economically, but retain the same bearing capacity.


In comparison to subconstructions made of wood that always result in at least 10 % scrap rate in storage (this increases the longer they are stored), our underlying construction is straight and durable if stored properly.


The new system offers the trade not only a universal subconstruction, suitable for WPC or wood, but also saves storage capacity- a product for all applications.

Old stock can be integrated

The base profile WPC 2.0 is the same size as the previous version and can easily be combined in assembly if there should be old stock.


Benefit from the new subconstruction’s capacity, as in comparison to pure wood or tropical wood, NATURinFORM’s material and aluminium score top marks for durability and dimensional tolerance.


Last, but not least, it is so easy to separate the materials WPC and aluminium when dismantling the products, so they can be fully recycled, which is a huge benefit with the new subconstruction.