Pionier regarding sustainability

We produce sustainably and have been doing so for quite some time now. For years we have been paying attention to an ecologically correct product life cycle! Be it during production, the choice of raw materials, as well as recycleability of our products. And much more: We make sure that it is possible to process and care for our products in an environmentally-friendly way, and even regarding sales and delivery we have an eye on as low an electricity consumption as possible. We take responsibility for the environment and climate protection!


Made in Germany

Made in Germany stands for certified quality, usage of highest quality raw materials, and our location. From production, right up to laying, we make sure that the work chain is ecological. Get an insight into our production here.


PEFC is a transparent and independent control system to check on sustainable forestry based on international standards – you could say ‘global forest MOT’. Only those that can prove without any gaps that the processed raw materials are from forestry close to nature can be awarded the PEFC-Certificate. Discover our Certificates and Awards!

Recycling / Take-back Option

We are able to recycle our sustainable WPC quality products and feed them back into our production process to reuse them ecologically and sustainably. Take advantage of our return option and contribute to an environmentally friendly product cycle.

Environmentally-friendly Cleaning

In contrast to conventional wooden decks, our decks do not have to be oiled or painted – no environmentally-harming cleaning agents or care products end up in waste water, as our decks are cleaned very easily using only water.

Pallets and Delivery

Finished decks we pack in reusable packaging, focusing on the reuse of tapes and pallets. Shipping is strategically planned to maximise truck utilisation. Delivery to our customers is optimally planned, so that there are no unnecessary trips. Delivery to customers is planned optimally, to avoid unnecessary trips and energy utilisation.