WPC facade profile

Are you planning a new build or renovation of your facade? In this context, the facade represents the “business card” of your house, so to speak, because the “view from the outside” already conveys information about the character of the building – and thus also about the lifestyle and taste of its inhabitants.

Whether a house is modern or classic, timeless or “in the mainstream”, whether it looks attractive or forbidding, is decided at first glance. The facade – especially in owner-occupied properties – is often an expression of individuality and personal taste.

If you are looking for a solution that underlines the character of your house, we offer you a durable alternative to wood, brick or plaster with our WPC facade. Because our WPC facade profiles made of wood composite material are not only a modern building material for the implementation of diverse architectural design ideas, but at the same time they are weather-resistant, hardly susceptible to dirt and therefore low-maintenance.

Our facade is sustainable

For the production of our composite material we exclusively use residual fibres from the wood industry and use them to manufacture innovative and durable WPC facade profiles.

Our facade is recyclable

We offer you a take-back option for our WPC products. After inspection, old material is returned to the production process and reprocessed.

Our facade is easy to maintain

You can do without varnish, paint or oil, which means time and cost savings for you – and less impact on the environment.

Our facade is individual

You can choose between horizontal or vertical installation, different profile sizes, and a wide range of colours.


natural and individual

Creative has an individual, natural and multicoloured wooden grain and a pleasant surface structure. This durable, weather-resistant and low-maintenance WPC facade can be laid both horizontally and vertically. It is available in three sizes and four attractive colour variations.

Creative exclusive
elegant and individual

Our WPC facade cladding “Creative exclusive” – with its matt, embossed surface – is characterised by a fine, individual line structure and its large selection of modern colours. It is therefore particularly appealing to builders and architects who want to realise a building project with a purist-clean character. The profiles can be laid horizontally or vertically and are available in three sizes.


For the production of our WPC facade profiles, we exclusively use leftover fibres from the domestic wood industry and use them to manufacture innovative and durable WPC decking. With our tested and certified wood-based material (WPC), with a wood to polymer ratio of approx. 70 to 30 percent, you receive an optimally suitable composite material for your new terrace. Like our WPC patio decks, the terrace solutions also benefit from the material properties of the wood-plastic mixture. This material combination particularly benefits the sustainability of this contemporary material. The WPC facade profiles are made from 100 percent PEFC-certified, domestic wood, in combination with an environmentally friendly, pure polymer

Topics such as climate protection and resource conservation have been at the top of our agenda for many years. For the production of our WPC facade profiles, we only use wood fibres from domestic and sustainable forestry from PEFC-certified wood suppliers. The wood fibres are a by-product of the wood processing industry. This makes our WPC facade profiles a climate-friendly building material that is also 100 percent recyclable. Because we offer you a take-back option for our WPC products. In this way, old material is returned to the production process and reprocessed after inspection.

Many builders or renovators are considering cladding part of the house with a wooden facade. At the same time, it is important to you to have as little effort as possible with the care and maintenance of the facade in the course of the following years – however, this would be the case with wood. Our WPC facade cladding is a facade system with an attractive wood look, made of a natural, weatherproof wood composite material. This is predestined for elegant exterior cladding as a curtain wall for new and existing buildings. When installed professionally, our WPC facade cladding protects the exterior wall construction safely and economically from the effects of weather and damage. You can dispense with (pre-)treatment with varnish, paint or oil. This means significant time and cost savings for you – and also represents less impact on the environment.

For an individual and elegant design of your house with our WPC facade cladding, we offer you two systems based on our natural, weather-resistant wood composite material: “Creative” with an attractive wooden look and “Creative exclusive” with a fine individual line structure. During installation, the profiles are laid positively on a wooden substructure with a tongue and groove joint. With different widths of 66, 99 and 148 millimetres, there are no limits to your creativity. In addition, a combination of the widths opens up a wide range of design options for individual facade design. The solid rhombus strips can be laid both horizontally and vertically. A wide range of attractive colours rounds off your creative possibilities.