WPC Privacy Shield and Noise Protection Fence

Do you want a place where you can simply switch off and withdraw from everyday life? The new FLEXIBLE privacy screen creates a favourite spot where you can let yourself go completely. This means not only being undisturbed by glances, but also enjoying peace and quiet. Thanks to FLEXIBLE privacy screen / sound insulation, noise pollution is a stress factor of the past. A special seal and special slats provide improved sound insulation, which demonstrably reduces annoying ambient noise by 26 dB. FLEXIBLE has a tested airborne sound insulation of category B3 (equivalent to 26 dB) – an outstanding advantage that sets our privacy / sound insulation apart from others and makes it unique. The new privacy screen is available in mahogany, chestnut brown, titanium grey and anthracite.

Special Features
of Flexible

  • Available in the colours mahogany, chestnut brown, anthracite, titanium grey
  • Available as DIY-kit or individually
  • Durable with elegant wooden look
  • Surface unbrushed with ornamental grooves
  • No painting or oiling
  • Tested airborne noise reduction category B3

Colour Variants
of the WPC privacy shield and noise protection fence

Flexible surface set is available in the colours mahogany, chestnutbrown, titanium grey and anthracite.

Chestnut brown
Titanium grey

The post of Flexible is available in brown and anthracite.


Colours and colour maturity in comparison

Due to the high wood content, a natural optical maturation occurs. The surface of the freshly produced product loses the initial gloss and after full weathering, the desired natural matt colour tone emerges.

Technical Data
of Flexible

Final format

Height from the ground ca. 180 x 180 cm

Inner elements

Height ca. 180 cm, width ca. 175 cm




80 x 80 mm, to embed in concrete or for bolting


Aluminium post, WPC slats


Posts in brown and anthracite
Slats in mahogany, chestnut brown, titanium grey and anthracite

Noise prevention

26 dB, corresponds to Category B3 of noise protection according to DIN EN 1793-2

Pictures and Videos

Note: References can show old profile surface.


EFFECTIVE and FLEXIBLE use the same slats. The corner connections of the two fences can be combined as desired. BUT: Only the posts of FLEXIBLE ensure the tested sound insulation of 26 dB (R = 26 dB corresponds to category B3 of the airborne sound insulation according to DIN EN 1793-2) of the sight and sound insulation fence of FLEXIBLE.

Complete Set

Use our WPC complete set! We offer you various installation and maintenance options for your application. Various substructures, fixings as well as decorative facade corners and ends offer you great design freedom.

Care and Cleaning

It’s important for us that you don’t have to invest much time or work concerning our products. That’s why they are particularly easy to care for and weatherproof. In contrast to conventional wooden decks, our decks do not have to be oiled or painted and still do not splinter or crack. Cleaning is very simple using only water. This gives you plenty of time to relax on your favourite spot.