Newbuild residential complex Rosstal

A Franconian gem: Right in the midst of the natural Keuper-Lias area, lies Markt Rosstal. And because the community has a tradition that is more than 1,050 years old, you can still find valuable historical building substances, such as original half-timber houses, harmonically embedded into the beautiful surrounding hilly landscape. This tradition is upheld in the south of Rosstal by the long-established Rost Wohnbau GmbH with their own architect Karsten Kundiger: There the company has built a premium residential complex which fits perfectly into the rural landscape, thanks to its unobtrusive architecture. With generous balconies and patios facing the sunny south, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding greenery. ‘Smart’ will make sure you can experience life outdoors on balconies and patios with nothing to bother you. An intelligent outdoor surface by Naturinform is far more than just good looking.

Patio decks
Smart in grey

Construction year
2017 / 2018

Newbuild residential, Schlehenweg, 90574 Roßtal

Flooring for all the balconies and patios in the 28 freehold flats in two separate buildings was a challenge to begin with for the renowned construction company from Fuerth as well as for the Master company for roof, wall and sealing technique Maerkl GmbH, also from Fuerth. The flooring had to be laid without a slant. A problem solved easily by using ‘Smart’. Thus the first owners were able to move in in October and enjoy the autumnal sunny rays on their balconies. The 2nd construction phase will presumably be completed in the spring.

Comfy living

Rosstal, a community with only around 10,000 inhabitants, is situated almost perfectly. On your doorstep you can live a relaxed rural life and enjoy a lot of fresh air, but at the same time, a modern infrastructure offers all the amenities of the metropolis Nuremberg, only 15 kilometres away. The 2-, 3-, and 4-room flats’, as well as the penthouses between ca. 70 and up to almost 106 square metres large high-quality facilities ensure a cosy atmosphere within your own home. Solid construction ensures a pleasant and healthy climate – cool in summer, warm in winter. That saves both heating costs and the environment. Thus, the ensemble was erected on a 2,800 square metre large area and according to a high energy-efficient standard (KfW-Effizienzhaus 55).

Additionally, care was taken to make everything very easily accessible, for example with even-level showers, and lifts for groups that allow for easy access from the underground car park, right up to every single flat. It was difficult, though, to guarantee easy access to the outside areas, especially in regards to flooring options.

Easy access balconies

A total of 450 square metres are on offer for the flat owners; in each building there are eight balconies from 9.15 to 14.98 square metres, and two penthouse patios measuring 55.48, or 38.40 square metres, respectively. With sizes like that and a two percent incline it is not easy to lay flooring. Thomas Maerkl, senior partner of the executing company, explains why: ‘Here the drains could be 7 to 8 metres apart from each other and therefore the height differences from the lowest to highest point up to 15 centimetres,’ he explains. ‘If you have a horizontal cover and then need to start underlying the incline’s surface with rubber pads, it’s a bit like building the tower of Babel,’ he says, laughing. That is why he chose ‘Smart’. A good choice, as mounting the deck using the aluminium underlying construction was quick and easy. ‘Naturinform delivers special paving support pads. In different sizes and adjustable, so the differences in height can easily be bridged.’ Or, as project manager Jens Muench says with a smile: ’You can sit straight and your glass will be steady on an even table-top.’

Thoroughly good

The advantage lies in ‘Smart’s’ special shape. The ‘zero-degree-deck’ is an innovation by Naturinform, a company that has been guaranteeing flooring of highest quality for 20 years – and that is why it is much appreciated by building owners, as well as processors. Such as by master roofer Maerkl: ‘In the past we had tried out many different other decks, which were not bad, but also not ideal. Then we found Naturinform and have stayed with them ever since, because they have by far the best product for us. Both the customer appreciates it, because it has a beautiful surface, and we also, because it is really easy to lay.’ Naturinform’s product developers’ work was definitely worth it. With ‘Smart’ they for the first time combined water repellent attributes from wood composite material with a raised surface. It is curved upwards towards the middle, so that water from the weather or from cleaning is automatically drained. It basically shakes of rainwater by itself! Maerkl describes it as follows: ‘The incline is more or less in the deck.’ That was especially important with this project, because the outdoor areas are very spaceous and are often at angles. ‘If you use a traditional surface in such places there are a lot of intersections’ – and these can easily be tripped over. ‘One more reason for us to use Naturinform’s ‘Smart’, because you can use them without an incline.’

Three in one: Shape, colour and functional

The TÜV-certified project manager Muench is of exactly the same opinion and mentions another benefit for the owners: ‘They were able to choose the colour of surface they wanted, and Naturinform has such a large range that everyone could find something they like, even extravagant choices. That is difficult with pure wood. And everything that is painted afterwards is difficult to repair, as it will always remain visible.’ Besides the colour, the feel is also important, as the building and concrete construction master knows. ‘Smart gives you a good barefoot feeling without the risk of splinters as with pure wood. And: Later sanding and painting is unnecessary.’ That is especially important for owners that are intending to let out the flats: ‘If the tenant doesn’t take care of the wooden surfaces, the owner may have to lay new flooring in the worst case, because the wood has been damaged and is no longer reparable. Using a wood composite system that cannot happen. The owner needn’t worry about anything and the tenant cannot destroy anything;’ he adds. That is a real win-win situation.

Weighs little, capable of loads

The project manager is right. ‘Smart’ guarantees longevity and low maintenance: As all Naturinform’s decks the wood is enhanced by adding a technical polymer in such a way that a water repellent surface is created. Verdigris doesn’t stand a chance! The special curve optimises this effect as well. At the same time it is barefoot friendly, safe to walk on and non-slippery. The wavy surface has a further advantage: It captures light and the elegant wooden look is even more visible. By doing without gaps ‘Smart’ saves height and is only 19 millimetres high. And can nevertheless ‘carry loads’: With a weight of 2.7 kg per running metre it has a loadability of 400 kg per square decimetre! On top, it is also mounted in no time at all, thanks to the base profiles with a click functionality. And lasts and lasts and lasts; the material needs neither be varnished nor oiled. That is good for the environment and your purse – and leaves you plenty of free time to enjoy sitting on your balcony rather than maintaining it! ‘Smart’ is therefore thoroughly good and smart!

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