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In the romantic heart of the Altmühl valley, between theglittering river and green hills, the old bishop’s town of Eichstättis investing in its future. A new quarter has been developing since 2012 on the old railway grounds, directly at the banks of the river; and the Herzog-Anger residential site in the Spitalstadt Quarter is already inhabited. On large patios, residents can enjoy the view to the magical landscape, with nature right under their feet – patio decks from Naturinform. Future flat owners could choose for themselves, what the flooring in their loggia or balcony was to look like.

Patio decks
Rational select in Brown and Popular select in Anthracite

Type of construction 
New building with outdoor areas

Dömges Architekten AG, Boelkestraße 38, 93051 Regensburg

Construction year

Wohnanlage Herzog-Anger, Quartier Spitalstadt, Eichstätt (Bayern), Deutschland

Life in the midst of nature is something people from Eichstätt are used to. The town lies within a green environment: The Altmühl’s green banks, the botanic garden at the Willibaldsburg, the forests on the Jurafelsen with famous excavation sites from dinosaur’s times. ‘Without wood just wouldn’t have been an option,’ says Thomas Göbel, expert consultant elements at Martin Meier GmbH.

The company is building owner and construction company for 6,600 of the 25,000 square metres’ plot. Master joiner Göbel was responsible for all the details in the buildings. Windows, doors, gates– and also for patio design.

The outdoor rooms with up to 55 square metres are characteristic for the way life is led in the Spital town: So as not to block any views, the new area was planned generously. A mixture of blocks of flats and office buildings, on wide, open squares, and in between streets as wide sight lines. The residents were to be able to have a good viewof the castle, old town, and Altmühl without any obstacles. And to make them especially inviting and cozy, all patios from the first to the fourth floor were to be laid out with decks.

Built for highest requirements

The company Meier from Eichstätt is reponsible for the new residences around the Franz-Xaver-Platz. Construction started in2012, the first residents moved in in 2014. Two of the four sites built on by Meier are designated to office and shop architecture, two to high-quality residential buildings. Elegant design for sophisticated clients.’ We need to be able to guarantee that the materials will continue to look as fresh after a few winters as when the people moved in,’ says Göbel.
Thus the material specialist decided on Naturinform. What makes the wood processor’s decks so special: Naturally beautiful wooden fibres are combined with an environmentally-friendly polymer. This additional component makes the natural product not only far more slip-resistant and more barefoot-friendly than naked wood. It also prevents humidity from penetrating. Naturinform’s decks are and remain weatherproof without any painting or oiling. All that needs tobe done to take care of them, is to clean the surface using a water hose.

From outside completely natural

In Göbel’s opinion there is a clear advantage with Naturinform products thanks to the high percentage of wood. With a 70 percent ratio, wood is the optically defining component, and the finished material can hardly be distinguished from pure wood. ‘The matt surface, the colours – everything is just like a classic deck,’ says Göbel. ‘Naturinform was the solution that convinced us, especially with its looks’.

A praise to diversity

Future flat owners could decide for themselves what the flooring for their patio was to look like. Thanks to Naturinform’s range the building contractor could present a huge selection – an additional bonus for Naturinform in Göbel’s opinion. Naturinform’s range encompasses seven different deck types in countless colour options, as well as diverse surfaces. In Eichstätt, the residents’ favourite was mainly ‘Popular’: It is available in 13 different colours, and has a length of up to 13 metres, a thickness of 26 mm, and can be used versatilely on both sides with their different fluting options. The ‘Popular-select’ is brand new in the range, with agrained surface which is identical to nature, wavy, and just like wood.

Space-saving solution

In total, the building company Meier from Eichstätt laid 80 patios between 10 and 55 square metres. ‘Rational’ was frequently chosenas a space-saving option for surfaces that were not to be too high because of underlying insulation: It is only 21 mm high. Besides a classic, striated side, its other side has wide stripes. A special eyecatcher which nicely enhances the clear, modern style of the Eichstätt houses.

Environmentally appropriate building

The town of Eichstätt was intent on environmentally appropriate building. The new houses comply to the efficiency house standards 70 and/or 55. This is in line with the fact that Naturinform produces its decks strictly according to ecological principles: Only PEFC-certified wood is used from ecologically farmed woods. In contrast to standard wooden surfaces, Naturinform’s decks do not need to be treated or maintained with environmentally harming chemicals, water is enough to clean them. In addition, the patio decks are 100 % recyclable and can be returned to the factory in Upper Franconian Redwitz for recycling. The company awards a five year guarantee on its products.

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