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Michael Schroth knows something about taste: In only a few years he has transformed a few hundred vines into a renowned vineyard with an international reputation. After his wines had risen in gourmet circles, the young entrepreneur was able to open a new site in 2016 which was up to his high expectations in regards to style and quality. When Schroth’s guests now enjoy the view over the vineyard whilst drinking his famous burgundy wine, Naturinform’s sun-warm patio decks create a very suitable atmosphere.

Patio decks
Compact in grey

Construction year

Weingut Michael Schroth, Im Auweg 42, 67269 Grünstadt-

Silver grey – that’s a colour he likes. It radiates from the labels on his bottles and reminds one of the tall steel barrels in which Schroth lets most of his wines mature. And it fits to the Eistal, the Ice Valley, with its very own terroir, a stoney clay ground full of minerals, which even red wine grapes feel comfortable in.

Schroth inherited his passion for wine, the starting point for his company, from his father. Schroth senior had bought around two acres of vines, a hobby for him – and the perfect playground for young Michael. Schroth already knew as an adolescent that he would make wine at some later point in time. In 2002, when he was only 24 years old, he finished his training as a Master. In the meantime, he has multiplied his cultivation area by eight. Schroth’s success is based on his reputation. A craftsman, close to tradition, who really knows what is special. In the midst of a white wine area, he makes mainly red wine. And if he makes Riesling, then there is a surprising apple, pear, or citrus aroma involved.

Colourfast wood with a patina effect

It all started 15 years ago „with totally outdated equipment“, as he says. Schroth likes tradition. But he also likes when new, modern ideas develop from it.

When Schroth dreamt about a new house for his hand-made treasures whilst working on the vineyard, he always imagined something modern. Just like his wine-making art. Close to tradition, yet state-of-the-art, and with a little something extra. A cypress avenue, cork oaks, and a large patio on which his visitors can sit straight across from the grey-brown earth of the vineyard, tasting Spätburgunder, Chardonnay or Riesling. He thought of a material that should focus both on the past and the future. And, again he thought of silver. The silvergrey patina of sun-matured wood.

„I really wanted the wood to be the right colour – and keep it,“ says Schroth. “so that it suit the style of my house and our wines. I am really keen on detail.”

When the plans became more clear, his desire for stylish reliability led him directly to Naturinform. The Franconian company’s innovative wood products are especially weatherproof: Without sanding and painting they retain the colour that was chosen right from the start. Due to sunlight there is only a very slight silver and golden patina that develops in the first few months after assembly.

Wood outside, inside more

The material’s optical stability is due to special processing. Wooden fibres are combined with a polymer which makes them water repellent. Because wood weathering is mainly due to water penetrating, this method creates a material with completely new characteristics: This so-called wood composite material is extremely dimensionally stable. It doesn’t splinter when you cut it, nor later – barefoot walkers are safe from splinters. And in the winter, hardly any moss or lichen develop. The surface cleans nearly itself; to enhance a Naturinform patio, you need only spray the decks with water every now and then.

Clever wood processing

Colour particles are inserted during the melting process. This means these also benefit from the polymer’s protection. Because Naturinform products still consist of 70 percent wood fibres despite the technological enhancement, only experts can see they are not pure wood. The wood dominates the looks so much, that is still possible for natural patina to develop in the sunlight. But much more controlled than with pure wood. No black blotches develop from humidity. Only the desired, purely silver and golden reflexes. Tradition and innovation. Just like Schroth’s wine.

Colour shades as you wish

At Naturinform you can choose many different styles and dozens of colours for patio decks; there is something available for every taste. Schroth’s “Ice Valley” colour is of course also in the range: “Grey” in the “Compact” colour line. This is an elegant grey beige that fits especially well into modern, mediterranean and Scandinavian inspired surroundings.

„Compact“ has a finely striated and a block strip side. It can be used in multiple ways, as it is up to 13 metres long, is 21 millimetres high, and either side can face up, each with different surfaces. In Schroth’s vineyard his dream of a sundowner spot with a view to the vineyard became true in 2016, and is now an impressive 100 square metres big. Light grey wooden decks and dark grey lounge chairs are almost more seductive than the good bottles with the silver label. “Since we opened, the wine shop has been breaking records,” says Schroth. “At the end of the season at the beginning of October we still put up benches all around the patio, and still many people had to stand”.

Relaxed – and safe to walk on

Especially when it’s crowded, and even more so when alcohol is involved, it is important for restaurateurs that their guests are safe. For this, “Compact” is highly recommendable: In a test at the TÜV Rheinland 2011 the deck achieved the highest slip-resistance level – R 12 according to DIN 51130, and Class C according to DIN 51097.

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