Gabions and Creative

A successful mix of wood composite material and stone was used by two house owners in Lower Franconia for their fences. They cleverly combined profiles from the CREATIVE series with quarry stone gabions.

Facade profile
Creative, in oak brown and amber brown

Massive post
Gabions with rubble stone

The Martin Family’s plot lies directly next to a very busy street without a pavement. The wall was to serve as an optically beautiful privacy shield, as well as effective sound protection. When the owner was standing on his brand new patio of oak brown Natureline decks by Naturinform, he decided to combine the two materials. And indeed, the two materials work together perfectly, and are an attractive, individual visual shield.

Simple assembly

Five gabions, each 1.2 metres wide, act as massive posts for the two metre high fence. In between, four 2.2 metre wide elements of CREATIVE rhomb strips in oak brown that were preassembled by the house owner himself were mounted using metal brackets. A rail that was fixed to the back ensures the elements’ stability, a starting strip of squared timber prevents humidity creeping up from the ground.

Individual creativity

The Blum family also decided to combine wood composite material and gabions. A locksmith made them a steel frame, onto which they mounted the rhomb strips – here in the colour amber – quick and simple. A premounted element is used as a garden gate. Both house owners very much appreciate the low level of maintenance that wood composite profiles require. Because the wood is reinforced with polymer, the material is protected from humidity penetration, and is thereby far more weatherproof. It is not necessary to oil or paint it, cleaning, if ever necessary, is uncomplicated, merely by using water and a brush.

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