Roof patio DEG company building in Dortmund

On the premises of the former Dortmund Westfalenhütte in an area the size of three football pitches the DEG Dach-Fassaden-Holz eG’s new building was created. In 2020, the purchasing association inaugurated their most modern site. The wood façade is the characteristic element of the Dortmund branch’s new building. On the 100 square metre large roof patio, directly adjoining the training room on the upper floor, an attractive look of wood matches the company’s corporate identity: NATURELINE in the colour graphite grey, a deck made of wood composite material from NATURinFORM’s range was used.

Patio decks
Natureline in graphite grey

Construction year

new building DEG Dach-Fassaden-Holz eG, Dortmund

The purchasing association’s largest roof site

In the modernly designed rooms – styled by the architectural office Planconcept Cornelius from Lüdenscheid – members and customers are received by sales clerks at several counters. Large screens on the walls present information on the company, producers, product innovations, and processing technologies. In the background the colleagues from the back office work at their desks, whereby modern glass fronts allow for visual contact and smooth communication. Directly next to the offices are the expansive warehouses. Wood, tiles, insulation material, and other materials wait to be collected in the large open spaces. Modernly furnished communal rooms for the employees, as well as a large training area on the upper floor finish off the building concept. Next to the seminar room there is an approximately 100 square metre large flat roof patio combined with a green roof.

High quality outdoor area

‘Last summer we were able to start using the seminar room with the adjoining patio after months of Corona deadlock,’ says Alexandra Stolz. ‘The generous outdoor area offers a high quality of stay, and that is very much thanks to NATURinFORM’s decks,’ the site manager is happy to confirm. Not least the choice of material both for the façade as well as the roof patio’s flooring has helped consequently implement this newly defined path for their external image. The word ‘wood’ in the company’s name is thereby also attractively presented to the public.

Successful cooperation between the DEG and NATURinFORM

NATURELINE  was laid on aluminium base profiles using stainless steel brackets. ‘The balustrade’s elevated construction was decisive for the underlying construction,’ explains site leader Mario Zschoche of the expert company NDW Niemeier Dach & Wand from Dortmund. ‘The bases for the balustrade had to be covered by the underlying construction, so that the decks could be laid continuously right up to the railing,’ says the building engineer, who has been a site leader in the roofing trade for more than 20 years and specializes in waterproofing buildings. NDW subcontracted the laying of the decks to Grün Garten- und Landschaftsbau from Ennepetal. When choosing the most suitable material the decision was easy for those responsible at DEG. ‘We have been successfully working together with NATURinFORM for many years now and the company is one of our top suppliers. What would have made more sense than to equip the patio with a series from NATURinFORM’s range?’ says Alexandra Stolz.

Great range of different series and colours

In tight cooperation with the producer the most suitable series was chosen in Dortmund. ‘Thanks to the large range of the most diverse series and colours it was not an easy decision. In the end we agreed on NATURELINE in graphite grey,’ says the site manager. ‘Now looking at the result, all I can say is: We did everything right. Besides the attractive look of wood, especially the decks’ incredible material characteristics – such as low maintenance and high slip-resistance – really predestine them for use on highly frequented areas.’

NATURELINE: Natural wooden grain and pleasant surface structure

NATURinFORM’s unique innovative production process guarantees a completely coloured massive high quality deck made of wood composite material that is striking thanks to its individual, multicoloured wooden grain and pleasant surface structure. NATURELINE’s colours are inspired by nature, there are among others warm wooden shades such as oak, amber and chestnut brown, but also cool shades, such as graphite and basalt grey. Through the interaction of two shades the high quality deck gains a wooden grain with on organic multicoloured gradient. The qualitative wood composite material consists to 70 percent of domestic woods from sustainable, PEFC certified forestry. The material is combined with a pure polymer that makes the decks resistant to water, humidity and other weathering and environmental impacts. The result is next to a high durability (durability class 1) amongst others an extremely high level of slip resistance (on both sides R 12) and a low level of required maintenance. To achieve such high slip resistance the surface is roughened and refined by brushing in the factory.

DEG Roof-Facades-Wood: Roofing trade partner

The DEG has extensive experience in the roofing trade as a partner of the trade and markets roofing materials, the quality, price, and availability of which significantly impact their customers’ success. ‘Our goal is to realise perfect solutions for roofs together with our trade customers,’ says the purchasing association. Quality in the trade is measured not only by the execution, but to the same extent by the choice of high-quality roof and wood building materials.

The DEG’s specialists combine renowned producers’ top products and gather all components into a conclusive master plan. Distribution has an intelligent circle of stock ranges from a complete region at its disposal. Thus ensuring that the high demands of the trade and of the building owner can be fulfilled at any time. ‘Due to our high expertise, we can accompany our trade customers as a competent partner with their projects and offer them tailor-made solutions for their roof and façade projects’, it states on the DEG homepage. Founded in 1947 by 21 roofers the purchasing association counted around 1400 members in the jubilee year 2017, the annual turnover of the 46 sites, as well as 11 sites abroad, came to 540 million Euros.

There are environmental product declarations according to international standards available (EPDs) for all of NATURinFORM’s decks and façade profiles. All products are continuously monitored by quality controls and stress tests, to guarantee a constant perfect and first-class wood composite quality. The company provides a five-year guarantee on its products. The patio decks can be recycled 100 percent and can be returned to the plant in Bavarian Redwitz for recycling.

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