Private Garden in Thuine

Mechthile Muntel is happy with her newly designed garden and enjoys all the praise she receives from guests, neighbours, and passers by for her revamped „OutdoorSpa“. According to her own plans and with a lot of imagination combined with a sense for practicality, the 67 year old master hair dresser has created a very special garden out of a completely overgrown jungle that had been neglected for many years. Not only the new patio with a sauna area and the prettily set out herbal beds jump to the eye. She is also frequently asked about her new privacy shield that really fits into the whole atmosphere of the estate. This shield is from the Franconian producer of woodcomposite material, NATURinFORM’s range. Its name:„EFFECTIVE“.

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JBW GaLaBAU, 49835 Wietmarschen

When Mechthild Muntel from Thuine in the Emsland – an idyllic, peaceful village around 10 kilometres east of Lingen – bought back the house she had lived in for many years before, she faced a huge challenge. The building had been unoccupied for many years, it was desperately in need of extensive repairwork and a new roof. The approximately 400 square metre large garden, that she had taken great care of years before, had been fully taken over by nature again. As a passionate gardner, the owner of a hairdressing salon immediately stepped in, got to thinking and made plans, what she wanted her new retreat to look like. Her main focus was to make it on the one hand easy to look after, but also to provide a suitable environment for bees and butterflies.

So a clear picture for her new garden developed in her head: plastered walkways and stylish recreational areas, as well as countless bordered beds for wild flowers, healing herbs, and stone plants. The old wooden fence had been rotting away. Mechthild Muntel decided: I need something new. With her drawings tucked under her arm she went to Baustoffhandel Vogt in the neighbouring town Wietmarschen and looked at possible material on site.

In the Garden and Landscape exhibition there she discovered NATURinFORM’s anthracite „EFFECTIVE“ privacy shield. „Its look immediately got me, because the fence is a colour-perfect match to my new roof“, Mechthild Muntel remembers. After Baustoffe Vogt‘s sales clerk had explained the privacy shield‘s technical material details and practical benefits, she had already decided: „That’s what I want.“ She had been looking for a robust, beautiful privacy shield that would keep her garden private, blocking prying views from the outside. There are parking places in front of her house and the next door building with her salon, the main road is right there, and behind her house there is a Kindergarden.

Inexpensive, variable, robust: „EFFECTIVE“

The Franconian company NATURinFORM, well-known for its high-quality and weatherproof products made of wood composite systems, keeps developing its fence systems according to growing demands, as well as rising customer requests. „EFFECTIVE“ is the producer‘s inexpensive version, available in the colours brown, anthracite, and titanium grey, there by offering a large range of design options, as thanks to the modular construction, heights and widths can be chosen freely. It offers a large degree of design freedom for all usable options. The fence system, which is attached using aluminium posts as a ground anchor, or that can be fixed onto a concrete slab with screws, can be easily and unproblematically mounted using a simple manual. The DIY kit is delivered including a mounting set in modules with a size of 180 by 180 centimetres. First of all the aluminimum posts are fixed onto a ground slab, or, using a ground post, cemented into the ground, with a gap of 180 centimetres each; then the slats, each equipped with a tongue and groove, are inserted onto and above one another. The privacy shield’s height can be adapted, depending on individual requirements. The privacy shield is convincing because of the durable and elegant wooden look of its unbrushed surface with decorative grooves. The robust wood composite material is produced at NATURinFORM in Redwitz an der Rodach at a ratio of 70 to 30 percent out of domestic wood fibres and an environmentally-friendly, pure polymer. This innovative material requires no additional care, such as painting or oiling, while it is in use. Thus there is no need for solvents or any other chemical substances.

Garden and landscape builders appreciate the wood composite material’s characteristics 

After Mechthild Muntel had chosen the necessary materials to revamp her garden, Baustoffe Vogt recommended the garden builders JBW GaLsBAU, also from Wietmarschen, to expertly help her realise her project. „They really liked the plans I gave them and they made me a 3D-version based on my drawings“, Mechthild Muntel describes the perfect cooperation with company boss Johannes Bruns‘ team. Then they got started, The JBW GaLaBAU team came along with big machines, they dug up the old garden completely, old trees and plants were removed. Then they built new beds and a little waterfall and they plastered some areas before planting new trees, bushes and flowers. The garden oasis was finished when the privacy shield was put up. Before the 22 „EFFECTIVE“ elements were put up, the aluminium posts were encased in concrete. This was easy for the team, as Johannes Bruns‘ employees are very experienced with this material, both with privacy shields, as well as with patio construction. „We really appreciate wood composite systems, as they are extremely durable – even when the sun is very strong,“ says Johannes Bruns. „And unlike wood, this material does not splinter,“ The owner mentions another big advantage that those who use this material for their patios and balconies are especially happy about. Johannes Bruns, who founded his company ten years ago and today employs 17 people, has fulfilled all his client’s wishes and requests to her utmost content: different levels, a waterfall, a high plant diversity, and last but not least, the new fence „with many corners and slants.“ „We have created something really beautiful in a relatively small piece of land,“ the garden builder is pleased with his work.

The company founder thinks the reason for his young team’s success is that they are quick and careful to implement all tasks in the field of garden and landscape building. Due to the geographic situation in Wietmarschen (District Grafschaft Bentheim) Bruns takes on orders from the regions Emsland, Grafschaft Bentheim, Osnabruecker Land, as well as northern Muensterland. „Our customers appreciate our expertise and our good price-for-value ratio – these are the main reasons for the long-term partnerships with our customers,“ says Bruns, who offers everything from consultation, planning, execution, and maintenance. His company is a member of the Group Verband Garten-, Lanschafts- und Sportplatzbau Niedersachsen-Bremen in Lower Saxony-Bremen, and is allowed to train apprentices who would like to become garden and landscape builders.

Tight development requires private spaces

Living space is becoming less and less available and plots for building on more and more expensive. Therefore regions are becoming more densely populated in building areas, houses and gardens are moving closer and closer together. Even if the garden is very small, the user would like to have a private retreat area, protected from prying looks and without annoying noise from the neighbourhood or nearby traffic. Privacy shields – with or without effective noise protection – are therefore not only popular on busy streets and industrial areas, they are also becoming more and more common in residential areas: to protect the inhabitants, but also to raise the value of private gardens. Mechthild Muntel is convinced that by using NATURinFORM’s privacy shield she made the right decision. Definitely. She can enjoy her privacy in her idyllic garden – without her neighbours watching her.

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