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Our universal slat in the colours brown, titanium grey and anthracite has been specially developed for a wide variety of applications. It can be used with the posts of our two privacy shields, EFFECTIVE and FLEXIBLE - also when combined together. The universal slat provides noise protection in combination with the FLEXIBLE posts (certified sound insulation of 26 dB, which corresponds to category B3 airborne sound reduction according to DIN EN 1793-2). To break up the surface, acrylic or stainless-steel window modules can be used. In keeping with the latest trend, the universal slat can also be flexibly connected with gabions, using a separate aluminum sidebar - let your creativity run free! The universal slat generally has to be supported twice over a length of 4 meters and must not have any contact with the ground. A slat without a key is available as a border profile.

  • Privacy shield available in brown, grey, anthracite
  • Available as DIY-kit, but also in individual parts
  • Durable with an elegant wooden look: Surface unbrushed and with decorative grooves
  • No painting, no oiling
  • Additional window modules available
Format Width 24 mm, height ca. 150 mm
Surface unpolished with decorative grooves
Weight ca. 1,9 kg/m
Standard lenghts 4 m


Colour options






The Universal-Slat can be combined with both of our privacy shields FLEXIBLE and EFFECTIVE.

Window module
The Universal-Slat can be combined with window modules with suitable adapter profile in Acrylic or stainless steel.

Universal Slat and Cover profile
The Universal Slat (left) can be combined with the Cover profile, a slat without a spring (right).




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