WPC Patio decks


…as a WPC patio deck: Load-carrying and massive deck

Because the deck is a massive 38 millimetres thick, STRONG is extraordinarily sturdy and can carry huge weights. This means it is ideal for covering larger areas. It is not necessary to install an additional and complicated load-bearing underlying construction. So it can be used as a surface in many different ways. Thus STRONG is a great choice and need not only be used in the traditional way as a patio deck, but is predestined to be used as a flooring on stairs, jetties or arcades. The decks can be laid floating or on a fixed surface.

The deck’s natural wooden grain look is emphasised by the elegant natural colours. This 14 cm wide deck is available with two surface options, meaning it can be used on either side. No matter whether finely brushed for a simple, clear look, or finely striated for more structure, both have an elegant yet sturdy design.

Thanks to NATURinFORM’s clever laying system the decks can be quickly, easily, economically mounted. Using approved tools the massive deck can be assembled using screws, even more easily than in the past. The decks can be ordered to length or cut to size effortlessly.

  • Sustainable massive deck for high load-ability
  • No load-bearing underlying construction required
  • Natural and elegant wooden grain look
  • Available with a finely brushed or finest striated surface
  • Quick and simple assembly
Format Height ca. 38 mm, Width ca. 140 mm
Surface with wooden grain, finely brushed / finest striated, unbrushed
Standard lengths ca. 4 m
Special lengths from 2 m to 13 m with extra charge
Requirements 1 m² surface consists of ca. 7 m load-carrying decks
Weight ca. 6.2 kg/m


Colour options





1 square metre surface consists of ca. 7 m patio decks

Standard length
ca. 4 m



Made to measure

Special lengths on consignment
On request we will put together your requirements of standard lengths together with all the accessories. (The ordered length has a productional extra length of +0 to 3 cm).



Laying manual

Mounting instruction


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