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To ensure that you feel really comfy and completely safe in your favourite spot outside, we have been developing highest-quality WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) decks for more than 20 years. What is special about our products ‘made in Germany’ is the combination of ca. 70 % domestic wood with an environmentally friendly polymer.

This means that they are splinter-proof, extremely durable – and, of course, recyclable. Our flooring is one of the safest patio options available: Not only are our decks incredibly non-slippery, but also very easy to work with, and are extraordinarily low on maintenance. Additionally, they all have a beautiful, even, wooden appearance. Look forward to a good feeling all over in your favourite spot!


Wood Composite Material Products

Patio decks, facade profiles, privacy & sound protection

Patio decks

Make your choice! Our range of 15 models, both as honeycomb profile and massive decks with 26 colour variations is the largest available for high-quality patio decks. Be enchanted.

Façade profile

‘Creative‘ consists of massive rhombus strips and can be mounted horizontally, as well as vertically. NATURinFORM’s quality wooden composite cladding is used as a curtain wall which is ventilated from behind.

Privacy & Sound protection

To keep personal favourite spots cozy – and low on maintenance. Our privacy shields and noise prevention solutions combine functionality with design, and quality with sustainability.

Tested and approved

with general building inspectorate approval no. Z-10.9-484

POPULAR massive

Patio decks, facade profiles, privacy and sound protection

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Frequent questions

Wood composite material WPC

WPC stands for Wood Polymer Composite and is a combination of materials that has been produced and used in North America for more than 20 years – especially in outdoor areas. It consists of a combination of wooden fibres with an environmentally friendly, thermoplastic binding agent.


Products, laying

What is special about our products ‘made in Germany’ is the combination of ca. 70 % domestic, PEFC-certifited wood with an environmentally friendly polymer. This means they are splinterfree, extremely durable – and, of course, can be recycled.

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‚Formed nature‘…that is the motto of NATURinFORM’s WPC production in Franconian Redwitz a. d. Rodach. Here we develop and produce barefoot friendly, splinterfree, and extremely durable floor decks for patios, swimming pools, and other outdoor areas.


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