WPC Patio deck


... as a WPC patio deck: Massive deck

Feel an elegant atmosphere on a beautiful deck surface. This deck’s style reminds you of a mild night’s romance and twinkling stars. ROBUST’s intensive grain has a special look of wood that invites you to celebrate on a stable and cozy patio. This massive deck is ideal if you are planning areas that have curved borders or are looking for harmonious transitions to your garden.

  • Permanently low on maintenance – i.e. save money on cleaning agents and invest your time in recreation
  • Load-carrying ability combined with an elegant wooden look
  • No visible brackets
  • Ideal for creating round patio areas or transitions to gardens / paths
  • Can be used on both sides
Format Height ca. 21 mm, width ca. 139 mm
Surface with wooden grain, finely brushed / finely striated, unbrushed
Standard lengths ca. 3 m, ca. 4 m, ca. 5 m, ca. 6 m
Special lengths from 2 m to 13 m with extra charge
Requirements 1 m² surface consists of ca. 7 m patio decks
Weight ca. 3.2 kg/m


Colour options



1 square metre surface consists of ca. 7 m patio decks, ca. 16 stainless steel brackets with screws, and ca. 2.5 m base profile.

Additional accessories per square metre
Ca. 6 rubber pads and / or height adjusting swivel feet for optimum support and alignment of the underlying construction.

Standard lengths
ca. 3 m | ca. 4 m | ca. 5 m | ca. 6 m


Made to measure

Special lengths on consignment*
We produce your individual requests in just the right length. That saves you money in the end, because you will not need to cut off your needs from standard lengths.

  • Less waste
  • Quicker laying
  • Accessory package for your site
  • Minimum 10 pieces of deck per individual length / colour / model
  • All special lengths between minimum 2 metres up to 13 metres

Standard lengths on consignment*
On request we will compile for you the required amount of standard length decks together with all the accessories.

The ordered length has a productional extra length of +0 to 3 cm



Laying manual

Mounting instruction


Information- & product films

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