Resistant pro: Improved surface structure achieves highest slip-resistance level

Patio and balcony surfaces are exposed to lots of stress; weathering, such as rain, snow, frost, heat, and intensive sunlight naturally affect floorings in the ‘extended living area’. But also stains from using the barbecue and the garden put a strain on the surface. Decks made of wood composite material have proven to be the ideal outdoor surface in such ‘stress-tests’, so they are becoming increasingly popular: More and more consumers are deciding on these durable and naturally beautiful coverings. ‘Resistant’ is NATURinFORM’s successful creation of a deck that is especially low on maintenance and yet permanently durable, at the same time proceeding in a new, innovative technology regarding wood composite materials. With its protective coating of the wooden core the ‘co-extruded massive deck’ is even more resistant to humidity, weathering and dirt. Thanks to the further development of the surface, the resistant patio deck now has even achieved the highest slip-resistance class 13 and is as of immediately called ‘RESISTANT pro’.

The Franconian specialist for wood composite materials has always developed its products in tight cooperation with its partners on the market – the processing trade, expert trade and the architects, as well as the garden and landscape builders – and is therefore always up-to-date regarding the individual target groups’ expectations – and therefore especially the end customer’s desires. This means that innovations regarding processing, looks, and technical utilisation characteristics, are tested closely, and if necessary reworked, to always be able to offer a balanced portfolio with a high acceptance rate on the market. This makes Naturinform a company eager to innovate.

Surface with more structure

‚Our patio deck ‚Resistant‘ triggered very positive feedback,’ Pia Hobeck, responsible for Marketing and PR in the company, describes the reaction to the co-extruded massive deck’s introduction to the market. ‘Its excellent technical characteristics and also the colour range on offer are very popular with the customers.’ Always looking for the optimum for clients, and also because individuals had specifically asked for a structured and therefore rougher surface, the product was optimised and slip-resistance of the deck that was already very high was increased even further. ‘ This wish was something we were very willing to fulfill and we can now introduce a further development with an improved, structured surface,’ says Alexander Schwarzkopf, as Plant Manager in Redwitz responsible for technology and logisitics. ‘We can document our proximity to the market, and at the same time consumers are getting a definite higher value thanks to the new surface option.’

Optimized surface ensures highest slip-resistance

‚Resistant pro‘ , consists in its core of Naturinform’s proven wood composite material, the same as its predecessor: 70 percent PEFC-certified wood, processed with an environmentally-friendly binding agent. In an innovative production procedure, this core is coated with a 1.5 millimetre thin covering protective polymer layer. This protective coating makes the deck water repellant and guarantees a very high stability regarding shape, colour, and surface. Due to the refined material combination the ‘resistant’ patio deck can be used not only on domestic patios and balconies, but also very well on outdoor areas, jetties, pool landscapes, as well as public spaces with a high amount of traffic. Thanks to the material’s incredibly high UV resistance the decks can also be used for areas that are only partially covered. The new, clearly structured, brushed, and therefore rougher surface of ‘Resistant pro’ makes the deck especially safe to walk on, so that the extremely high slip-resistance R 13 (LGA tested according to DIN 51130 7 ASR-A1.5) was able to be achieved. The surface is therefore the best guarantee for effective accident prevention and thus also recommendable for use in public areas, even if these have a slant of more than 35 degrees.

Robust polymer coating protects from staining substances

The polymer coating mentioned makes the new deck generation more resistant than standard wood composite materials generally are. ‘Resistant pro’ is therefore more resistant to dirt, grease, as well as staining substances. The covering layer makes it impossible for water to penetrate the decks, making them thus far less susceptible to the most diverse effects of weathering. The polymer layer also protects the wooden core from sun and light, thereby also preventing otherwise standard colour changes due to a natural patina which develops in wood and can occur as years go by. A further benefit: The coated patio decks require next to no maintenance, as they need neither be oiled nor varnished.

Ecological and durable patio surface

‚Resistant pro‘ is available in three intensive colour shades. The range covers a warm sand shade, a strong umbra, right up to a modern gravel shade. Optically and haptically like a full wooden deck it looks like an exotic hardwood. This means it is an ecological choice for a durable and robust deck. There is a laying aid within the delivery scope to help create an even, narrow joint width of only ca. 5 mm, giving the patio surface an elegant look. The massive deck is available at retailers in the standard lengths of four and six metres. The decks are 138 mm wide, and ca. 23 millimetres high. Depending on the situation on site, ca. 2.5 to 3 metres of base profile and around 16 stainless steel brackets with screws are required to lay one square metre. The processer can use the producer’s standard laying accessories.

Sustainable material, CO2-neutrally produced

Naturinform produces sustainable, environmentally-friendly decks and profiles for use outdoors using its tested and certified wood composite material at a ratio of wood to polymer of ca. 70 to 30 percent. They are made using 100 percent PEFC-certified, domestic wood in combination with an environmentally-friendly polymer – since 2019 even produced climate-neutrally. Further advantages are resistance to humidity, low maintenance, dimensional stability, robustness, as well as resistance to fungal and insect infestation. Additionally, this material can be recycled 100 percent and can be reused. The company takes back the decks after utilisation if possible and feeds them back into the production process. Naturinform surfaces are only manufactured in Upper Franconian Redwitz an der Rodach. ‘Made in Germany‘ stands for certified quality and the use of highest quality raw materials on site in Germany.

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