Recycling offer for processors and customers

NATURinFORM starts take-back initiative with the ‘Re-Form-Recycling Box’.
Producers and processors take shared responsibility for environmental and climate protection.

Circular construction is one of the ways to help the building industry achieve the goals set for our climate targets in the future. It is important to re-use or recycle deconstructed building materials and resources consisting of construction material leftovers. To feed these leftover materials back into sensible utilisation, NATURinFORM, the Bavarian specialist for wood-working materials ‘Made in Germany’, has introduced its ‘Re-Form-Recycling Box’. ‘Thereby offering our processing tradespeople and dealers a simple take-back system,’ reports Horst Walther, Managing Partner at NATURinFORM.

NATURinFORM’s ‘Re-Form-Recycling Box‘ has been available to its partners in craft and trade free of charge since November of last year. This measure means that deconstructed material, as well as leftovers from processing decks, façade profiles and privacy shields from NATURinFORM’s product range, no longer end up in recycling centres, but are fed directly back into the production process. The recycling box was immediately received very well by both trade partners and processing craftspeople. ‘We are extremely happy with the high amount of appreciation we experienced right after we introduced the Re-Form-Recycling Box. It shows that everyone is aware that we have to join forces in the building trade to use resources as efficiently as possible and keep the material in the production cycle for as long as possible to achieve the climate objectives,’ emphasizes Horst Walther. The manufacturer’s products can be recycled up to 25 times. As the average durability for a patio is 30 years, the product’s life cycle thus can last up to 750 years.

Collect NATURinFORM’s WPC leftovers and do good
By purposefully taking back the material, NATURinFORM is making a double contribution to protecting the environment. On the one hand the material taken back is re-fed into the production cycle out of which more products made of wood composite material are created. On the other hand the company donates five Euros to a nature conservation project to help protect domestic forestry for each properly filled Re-Form-Recycling Box. As its production site is in Redwitz a. d. Rodach and NATURinFORM’s administration is located in Lichtenfels, the company is very much rooted in Upper Franconia. ‘We care sincerely about protecting our environment,’ says Horst Walther and emphasizes: ‘That is why we support projects focusing on protecting our forests. Once a year we inform our market partners of the total sum and the nature conservation project we are going to support in the respective year.’

Sustainability firmly established in NATURinFORM’s DNA
From production right through to processing the manufacturer pays attention to an ecologically sustainable product life cycle and waste-free production. All products are PEFC certified. Since 2019 NATURinFORM has been producing climate-neutrally, which is annually certified by the TÜV Nord. This means that besides managing to save energy during production there is a CO2 balance for remaining emissions with climate protection projects throughout the world. In addition, the producer as the first company in its field has created a Compliance Declaration according to the German Sustainability Code (DNK) to create transparency regarding its sustainability performance. The company recycles its sustainable WPC quality products and re-feeds them into the production process. Thus, it is very important that as many market partners as possible make use of the offered take-back option, thereby contributing to an environmentally friendly product cycle.

There are environmental product declarations according to international standards available (EPDs) for all of NATURinFORM’s decks and façade profiles. All products are continuously monitored by quality controls and stress tests, to guarantee a constant perfect and first-class wood composite quality. The company provides a five-year guarantee on its products.

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