Terraced house with privacy and acoustic fencing, Wiesbaden (Germany)

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often long for a place of relaxation and privacy. The residents of a terraced house in Wiesbaden have created just such a place in their garden. But how do you design a garden to become a private retreat despite being located on a busy street?

A privacy and acoustic fence form the best basic prerequisites for this. A sufficiently high fence made of WPC profiles, for example, such as the EFFECTIVE fence system from NATURinFORM, not only keeps out prying eyes from neighbours or passers-by, but also creates a cosy atmosphere. With the right plants, insect hotels and hanging baskets, the owners have skilfully integrated the privacy fence into their garden. They have, thus, not only created privacy but also a green oasis that almost conveys a feeling of seclusion.

If, like the Manthey family, you are also exposed to the noise of a busy road, public facilities or simply a lively neighbourhood in your green four walls, you also need reliable sound protection in addition to privacy: With the FLEXIBLE WPC privacy and acoustic fence, which has been proven to reduce ambient noise by 26 decibels (category B3 of airborne sound insulation pursuant to DIN EN 1793-2), you also get the desired peace and quiet in the area facing the street in the middle of the noisy street situation.

Privacy shields and fences
FLEXIBLE in anthracite
EFFECTIVE in anthracite

Type of construction
Privacy and acoustic fence on the boundary of a terraced house

Building owner
Spouses Manthey

Privathaus Wiesbaden Sicht- und Schallschutzzaun aus WPC von NATURinFORM

The combination of acoustic and privacy fence creates a quiet retreat in a green setting

The Nord-Ost district of Wiesbaden, where Mr and Ms Manthey’s terraced house is located, is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the Hessian state capital. The district is characterised by lots of greenery. In the north, it is divided by valleys, woodlands, and park areas. Here, you will find the Kurhaus with its famous casino, the Hessian State Theatre, and the Neroberg vineyard, where wine has been grown since the 16th century.

The typical two-storey terraced house from the 1960s stands on a hillside plot of around 260 square metres, surrounded by roads on two sides like a slice of cake. Unfortunately, one of these is a busy main road. In order to protect themselves from the high levels of traffic noise, Mr and Ms Manthey looked for a combination of privacy and sound protection when enclosing their property.

Added garden thanks to garage extension

The parking conditions on site also needed to be revised. While the existing garage was undersized for today’s cars and there was no public parking in front of the house, they had to build a new double garage with electricity. The garage was built completely into the slope but offered the possibility of utilising the roof area at garden level. This created an additional terrace, which also had to be fenced in. The clients: “Breaking up the slope in this area allowed us to utilise the plot much better. This has enormously increased the garden area.”

The qualitative utilisation of the garden is now ideal as well, as the FLEXIBLE fence by NATURinFORM was installed on the garage roof to provide sound insulation from the main road and then supplemented with the EFFECTIVE privacy fence to completely close off the “green room”. The builders, one of whom works for timber wholesaler Becher from St. Wendel in Saarland, did not have to think twice about the fence material. “I quickly knew that we should opt for WPC due to the low maintenance requirements. And as my employer also sells NATURinFORM, it wasn’t a difficult choice,” he explains. The fact that the two fence profiles can also be combined confirmed his resolution. “Not only do the elements fit together perfectly, but they also look great in combination with the new garage door and, therefore, match the overall look of the house,” he reports happily.

Slope requires stepping of the fence elements

The biggest challenge was certainly placing the fence panels lower and lower, panel by panel, over a length of 20 metres in order to compensate for the final offset to the garage roof. The installer agrees. “The extreme slope was a real challenge,” says Ricardo Schroll from Wiesbaden-based landscaping contractor Alexander Held. “As there were different levels to overcome, we had to step the individual elements evenly to create a harmonious overall appearance. Fortunately, the two fence systems from NATURinFORM are high-quality materials that are easy to work with,” he summarises.

Acoustic and privacy fences form a visual unit

The FLEXIBLE and EFFECTIVE NATURinFORM fences in anthracite were installed on the private property in Wiesbaden. Both designs can be easily combined to form a visual unit, as the same slats are used for both fence systems. The panel set is available in four colours, while the corresponding aluminium base and corner post elements are available in brown or anthracite for setting in concrete or dowelling.

The WPC profiles with an unbrushed surface are supplied with an elegant wood look and, unlike exterior surfaces made of untreated wood, guarantee lasting durability even when exposed to intense solar radiation or changing weather conditions. Another benefit of fully dyed slats made of wood composite is that they retain their colouring after their natural colour maturity. Untreated wood, on the other hand, continues to fade in colour. This is unattractive in the long term and also means significantly higher maintenance costs.

More environmentally friendly and low maintenance

NATURinFORM privacy and acoustic fences are neither varnished nor oiled, they are already coloured at the factory and are, therefore, particularly low maintenance and weather resistant. This is why – unlike wooden products – they do not need to be painted for maintenance purposes, yet they do not splinter or crack. They can be cleaned quickly and easily using water and a brush or a high-pressure cleaner.

Therefore, unlike fence profiles treated with protective agents, there is no problem with harmful substances. Environmentally harmful and unhealthy chemicals are not used during maintenance or production, and no microplastics are washed out. The fence profiles are 100 per cent recyclable. To this end, they are taken back after use and returned to the production process using our own return system. Hence, the valuable raw materials can remain in the material cycle for more than 600 years.

NATURinFORM offers products for DGNB-certified construction. All decks and facade profiles are covered by the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) drawn up in accordance with international standards. All products are subjected to continuous quality controls and load tests to ensure consistent immaculate and first-class wood-based material quality.

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