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The POPULAR massive is, as the name says, a massive deck that has provided a relaxed, leisurely atmosphere on numerous patios and balconies for many years. The fact that it can now also be used as a regulated building product following approval will certainly increase its popularity even more. The patio deck made of an environmentally friendly wood composite material is approx. 25 millimeters high and 138 millimeters wide (system width approx. 146 mm). For the surface, there is a choice of a finely striated or a widely striated side; both are brushed for more grip and slip resistance and thus achieve the high slip resistance levels of R12 (finely striated side) and R13 (widely striated side) according to TÜV Rheinland. With brown, gray, and anthracite, the color pallet is classic.

  • With general building inspectorate approval Z-10.9-484
  • Thanks to the height of approx. 25 mm suitable for industrial as well as private areas
  • Can be used on both sides
Approval number Z-10.9-484
Format Height ca. 25 mm, width ca. 138 mm
Surface finely striated, brushed / widely striated, brushed
Standard lengths ca. 4 m, ca. 6 m
Special lengths from 2 m to 13 m with extra charge
Requirements 1 m² surface consists of ca. 7 m patio decks
Weight ca. 3.5 kg/m
Load bearing capacity ca. 800 kg/dm²

Tested and approved

with general building inspectorate approval no. Z-10.9-484

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Popular massive

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Popular massive


Popular massive


1 square metre surface consists of ca. 7 m patio decks, ca. 16 stainless steel brackets with screws, and ca. 2.5 m base profile.

Standard length
ca. 4 m | ca. 6 m

Popular massive

Made to measure

Special lengths on consignment*
We produce your individual requests in just the right length. That saves you money in the end, because you will not need to cut off your needs from standard lengths.

  • Less waste
  • Quicker laying
  • Accessory package for your site
  • Minimum 10 pieces of deck per individual length / colour / model

Standard lengths on consignment*
On request we will put together for you the required amount of standard length decks together with all the accessories.

The ordered length has a productional extra length of +0 to 3 cm

Popular massive


General building inspectorate approval

POPULAR massive
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Popular massive

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