WPC Patio decks


... massive WPC patio decks "inspired by nature"

Contemporary material. Vivid tradition. Innovative NATURELINE translates all the beauty of wood and offers an optic and haptic experience. An innovative new procedure creates a very natural colouring, as well as an individual grain and surface structure on the WPC massive decks’ surface. Each deck is unique. NATURinFORM is the one and only German WPC producer to have a massive, extruded, and fully coloured multi-coloured deck of this premium quality in its range.

  • Natural looking colouring and individual grain / surface structure
  • Permanently low on maintenance – i.e. save money on cleaning agents and invest your time in recreation
  • Load-carrying ability combined with an elegant wooden look
  • Each deck is unique
  • No visible brackets
  • Can be used on both sides
Format Height ca. 21 mm, width ca. 139 mm
Surface with wooden grain, finely brushed / finely striated, unbrushed
Standard lengths ca. 3 m, ca. 4 m, ca. 5 m, ca. 6 m
Special lengths from 2 m to 13 m with extra charge
Requirements 1 m² surface consists of ca. 7 m patio decks
Weight ca. 3.2 kg/m


Colour options



1 square metre surface consists of ca. 7 m patio decks, ca. 16 stainless steel brackets with screws, and ca. 2.5 m base profile.

Additional accessories per square metre
Ca. 6 rubber pads and / or height adjusting swivel feet for optimum support and alignment of the underlying construction.

Standard length
ca. 3 m | ca. 4 m | ca. 5 m | ca. 6 m


Made to measure

Special lengths on consignment*
We produce your individual requests in just the right length. That saves you money in the end, because you will not need to cut off your needs from standard lengths.

  • Less waste
  • Quicker laying
  • Accessory package for your site
  • Minimum 10 pieces of deck per individual length / colour / model

Standard lengths on consignment*
On request we will put together for you the required amount of standard length decks together with all the accessories.

The ordered length has a productional extra length of +0 to 3 cm



Laying manual

Mounting instruction


Information- & product films

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