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The EFFECTIVE privacy shield is an inexpensive product within our range, offering a large variety of design options. Thanks to its modular concept you can choose heights and widths freely. It is available in the colours brown, grey, and anthracite, and there are many design options available for all these applications in combination with aluminium posts to embed with concrete or for bolting with a ground anchor. Corners can be combined with FLEXIBLE posts. EFFECTIVE uses slot-and-key profiles that can simply be mounted onto one another and are adaptable both in height and width. You can adapt EFFECTIVE to your personal needs using decorative stainless steel or acrylic insets (1-fold size of a slat).

  • Privacy shield available in brown, grey, anthracite
  • Available as DIY-kit, but also in individual parts
  • Durable with an elegant wooden look: Surface unbrushed and with decorative grooves
  • No painting, no oiling
  • Additional window modules available
Final format Width 178 cm, height ca. 180 cm
(width from the middle of one post to the middle of the other)
Surface unbrushed with decorative grooves
Format area set Width ca. 175 cm, height ca. 180 cm
Groundpost powdercoated aluminium to embed with concrete or for bolting with a ground anchor
Brown, anthracite
Height post with cap Ground post: ca. 245 cm
Base plate: ca. 195 cm


Colour options





Area sets
As a DIY kit with 11 slot and key profiles + 1 border profile and 1 substructure strip (height ca. 180 cm / width ca. 175 cm)

Post sets
Aluminium post set for bolting with ground anchor (height ca. 195 cm) or to embed with concrete (height ca. 245 cm) with a cover cap and 1 veneer profile

Corner connections
Can be combined with FLEXIBLE privacy and sound protection fence posts


Additional accessories

Individual parts
Slat set with 4 slot and key profiles (ca. 175 cm x ca. 15 cm x ca. 2.4 cm)

Window modules
Window modules with matching adapter profile in acrylic or stainless steel.



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NEW: EFFECTIVE privacy shield construction

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