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NATURinFORM Colouredition

Sometimes you just need to colour things up, to set a tone, or just to spread a feeling of springtime or a summer mood. Our NATURinFORM colouredition opens up a multiple choice of design options for patio areas: For example, you can integrate colour spots, mark paths, or integrate open spaces with architectural colour design, and in business properties, embrace your corporate design. In schools, using colours in rooms supports the educational surroundings in an optimisic and inspiring way. Colouredition has caught the Zeitgeist and moved colour into the spotlight.

Depending on your preferences you can choose from 10 colours from 100 m² (per colour). Special colours and solutions are available on request. Find your personal colour code for your favourite spot. Please note that the shades of our ColourEdition decks can change slightly due to weathering and natural maturing processes. This is because of the high percentage of wood, which, as a natural product, can change its colouring.

Available on request for: POPULAR plus, POPULAR select, RATIONAL select, SMART


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