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NATURinFORM: Experience and competence with WPC

'Formed nature'…that is the motto of NATURinFORM’s WPC production in Franconian Redwitz a. d. Rodach. Here we develop and produce barefoot friendly, splinterfree, and extremely durable floor decks for patios, swimming pools, and other outdoor areas. What is special about our products ‘made in Germany’ is the combination of ca. 70 % domestic, PEFC-certified wood with an environmentally friendly polymer. This means they are splinterfree, extremely durable – and, of course, recyclable.

Our decks are amongst the safest patio floorings available: They are not only extremely slip-resistant, but also very easy to mount, and extraordinarily low on maintenance, as there is no need to paint them. All our decks have an even, beautiful, wooden look. Our profile systems are mainly used outdoors as patio decks, jetties, and playground surrounds, but also as privacy shields. We also offer any necessary accessories for your outdoor living room.

The corporate name NATURinFORM – natural, weatherproof, stable – is connected to a future-oriented concept: ‘We want to convince environmentally friendly customer areas with the argument of the natural construction material wood and thereby show new uses for WPC. The company not only has long-term production experience that is very much appreciated in the market, but can also gain points with its expert consultations as well as good service.’

The name WPC stands for the combination of wood and polymers (Wood Polymer Composites).


Production insight

The heart of our WPC extruding technology is hidden in a closed machine area, which is in front of the formative die. Here the raw material is fed in, in an optimum ratio between wooden fibres and polymers, and then heated in a special screw. Our long-term experience of many years is part of our products’ excellence. This technology has been further developed for more than 11 years now, also for tool building. The production process consists of mixing, extruding, but also further steps, such as surface brushing, printing of production data, cutting to length, and packaging in hubs.


Our return policy

We are proud to be able to offer you a completely environmentally friendly, sustainable, high quality product. In our production process, we only use wooden fibres from suppliers that have been awarded the PEFC hallmark. This certifies wood products stem from sustainable forestry which meets ecological standards. By fulfilling the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Holzwerkstoffe’s high quality standards, NATURinFORM’s WPC decking profiles have been certified, confirming not only the technological safety and the harmlessness towards health, but also the environmental friendliness of our products.

Within the scope of our production process we are also able to recycle our WPC products by feeding them back into production and re-using them in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. That is why we are happy to take back our original NATURinFORM WPC products if you deliver them to our plant in Redwitz an der Rodach, Flurstrasse 7, after we have checked that the product is clean, free of charge. As this is a voluntary return policy and not an actionable legal obligation, we recommend you get in touch with us prior to returning WPC products, to ensure a smooth process.

By returning used NATURinFORM WPC products you support our production process using sustainable material. With your ecologically-conscious behaviour you are making a contribution towards an environmentally-friendly production cycle.

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