A new patio only a few clicks away

NATURinFORM’s new patio planner helps your imagination quickly and easily. The next garden season is just around the corner and your aging patio is in desperate need of a facelift. Because weather, parties and heavy use have left their marks on the flooring. You need a new patio surface. Many house owners just don’t know what to do with the huge selection available. Using NATURinFORM’s new patio planner you can now easily get a first idea of what your new favourite spot could look like – and what it will cost.

There is a lot to do after a long winter before you can invite your neighbours to your first barbecue of the season. But if you take a close look at your‚ extended living room‘ it’s obvious: the flooring on your patio is really not in the best state, wood is splintering, or the gaps between the ceramic tiles are badly cracked.

You need something new – a beautiful, robust and durable patio flooring that suits your house perfectly and even adds a special touch. And, most importantly, makes the owner happy for many years. Flooring made of modern and sustainable wood composite material is ideal. If you do some research, you will soon find NATURinFORM, the Franconian specialist for highest quality floor decks made of WPC (Wood polymere composite). This product made in Germany is unique thanks to its combination of 70 percent domestic wood with an environmentally friendly polymere. This means that the patio flooring is splinter free, extremely durable, and, of course, easy to recycle. NATURinFORM floorings are among the safest patio decks, as they are not only extremely slip-resistant, but also easy to process and extraordinarily easy to take care of. And they are great because of their high-quality, beautiful wooden look.

Easy inspiration from home

‚What will the new surface look like on our patio? Would our white facade look better with grey or brown? Should the surface be even or structured? Could the decks be laid longitudinally, or would it look better ‚horizontally‘?‘ NATURinFORM will help your imagination when planning, and its new patio planner can give you an initial idea what your new patio could look like. And all within a few clicks – simply on your laptop or smartphone.

‚The central improvement of our new patio planner is its photo-realistic visualisation,‘ explains Pia Hobeck, Marketing Director at NATURinFORM. ‚Users can quickly and easily get a first impression of what kind of effect the different deck surfaces and colours could have.‘ The patio planner will help potential customers pre-plan their patio and deck-laying, print out results with their notes and pictures, and then ask for a quote from their expert dealer near to them directly and non bindingly online.

Step by step towards a new patio flooring

The first view shows you a typical patio situation in front of a standard house. On the right side you can see 15 deck options from the producer’s range. If you click on the respective image you can see the flooring on the visualisation, directly next to the box with the depicted option you can find all the information on the product, such as shape, surface, standard lengths, requirements per square metre, and weight. At the same time that you choose the respective flooring deck, the view will change in the lower bottom half, presenting already installed uses of the corresponding series. Once you have decided on a product you can click on through the menue and define your colour choice. ‚View‘ will show you different scenarios: a white facade, a facade with red facing, grey facade elements, or completely ‚neutral‘. This way you can get an impression of what a deck colour looks like in a certain environment.

Then you choose the ‚Type of deck‘: Surface, profile, and – extremely important – the suitable underlying construction. NATURinFORM offers the most diverse solutions. In the next step you define the shape of your patio – square, rectangular, L-, or even U-shaped; then you note the individual surface elements in square metres and the system will calculate the total amount of required square metres. At ‚Laying‘ you can decide whether the decks should be laid horizontally or longitudinally, or – as is possible with a U-shape – even be combined.

Finally, the user will receive all the required details on the chosen decks (name, amount, surface, running metres, laying pattern), their surface structure, profile and colour under ‚My result‘; furthermore you will get the necessary information on the underlying construction, such as running metres, base profiles, amount of swivel feet and the attaching elements. And, last but not least, you will be provided with a list of possible accessories, joint profile tubes, cork pads, rubber pads, root protection fleece, as well as maintenance agents.

The user can then take this end result and request a non-binding offer from a dealer nearby online. Your ‚selected dealer‘ will be sent your contact details and notes on the desired surface that you compiled by email. If you like your expert dealer’s offer, then you can go to your dealer and have a look at his exhibition to see first-hand and in person what you really think of the material you chose. And then there is nothing more in the way of your new patio….

There are environmental product declarations according to international standards available (EPDs) for all of NATURinFORM’s decks and façade profiles. All products are continuously monitored by quality controls and stress tests, to guarantee a constant perfect and first-class wood composite quality. The company provides a five-year guarantee on its products. The patio decks can be recycled 100 percent and can be returned to the plant in Bavarian Redwitz for recycling.

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